How do Cybersportsmen Live

Tournaments on computer games collect thousands of spectators at the stadium and tens of millions on the Internet. Winners of tournaments become dollar millionaires often at school age. The Village talked to the cybersportsmen and found out why they earn 10 thousand dollars and how often they throw the joystick into the wall. To always stay toned and in a good mood, often cyber sportsmen talk with their personal coaches, such you can find on the site.

Normal day of cybersports

esports liveThe organization takes our nine-room apartment in the center of city. Before that, we rented a house in another town and tried many private houses in the suburbs. The last three or four years, I spend a lot of time in Moscow, but I still do not accept the idea that I live here. My house is still in Russia, where my wife, my dog, friends and relatives.

In our first apartment there are two floors: on the first there is a hall with game consoles and padded stools, and on the second there is a large game room. Still there is an attic on which I live. There are five players in the team, but the woman Jane also lives and works with us, which removes, erases and prepares. She is our mother on bootcamp (bootcamp is a place where players live and train together) .- Ed.). In addition to her, the house has a coach, an analyst and a manager – they are also part of the team. Our trainer Caleb performs the functions of a psychologist, he helps solve the disputed issues. Plus, Caleb has a great game experience in Dota, and he can tell something. The analyst also collects statistics about the heroes in the game: roughly speaking, which recently won, and which lose. The manager deals with organizational things.

I usually wake up around 11 am. After breakfast I sit down with a cup of coffee to read the news. Then I open the DotA, I watch how other players play. I play three or four games to warm up one, after which trainings start against other professional teams. We make from six games a day and usually finish the hours 8-9 in the evening. After training, we analyze it, then we can smoke a hookah, go to the cinema, or we continue to play separately.

E-sports is not football, where the rules do not change for decades. In Dota, the game has recently been updated every two weeks, and each time it is necessary to work through all the nuances and play 20 games on one hero to understand what is now its strength and weakness. On such days I can play till five in the morning.